Text Style

Text Style

To have a better display effect of the text in CAD, beginners need to learn to set up the text style. We can use fonts designed for CAD or directly use the fonts that Windows system provides us.

* What is Text Style

Text Style is a text template that controls the displaying effects by modifying the text height, rotation of angle, font, etc. With Text Style in CAD, designers don’t have to adjust

* How to set up the Text Style

1.Enter ST then press Enter to open the Text Style Dialog box, as shown in the following picture,

2. Click on “New” in the Text Style dialog box to create a new text style. Change the name to “Engineering”, as shown in the following picture.

We can see that the default font is Arial, which is a Windows font, the CAD system has its own font files with their extension name *.shx.

3. Now let’s change it to CAD fonts.

Select “text.shx” in the drop-down menu of Font Name under Font, as shown in the following picture.

There are a lot of Windows fonts in the drop-down menu, when finding CAD fonts, we can enter the initial after unfolding the full list with our mouse.

Pay attention to the “Use Big Font” in the above dialog box, so what is a big font? Small fonts contain English, symbol and similar fonts while big fonts include Chinese, Japanese, Korean. If you want to use CAD fonts and display Chinese, you’ll have to check the Use Big Font. If you use the default text style and enter Chinese character in the single line text place, there would be question marks, because the default text style doesn’t support big font.

4. Check the “Big Font” option, select hztxt.shx in the drop-down menu under the Big Font, as shown in the following picture.

5. Change the Height to 25 and click Apply to complete the setup of the Text Style.

Normally, we don’t need to set the Height of the text style. But if we have set up the height, the single line text will use this height and we will not be prompted to enter height again.

Today’s post is the introduction to the Text Style and some CAD fonts. If we find question marks in our drawings or in drawings from others, there must be something wrong with the text fonts, just check the fonts in the Text Style dialog box. The best way is to find the original fonts and copy them into the fonts Catalog.

Check the video for more about Text

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