How to use stack function on mtext

How to use stack function on mtext

-If you don’t know how to make a square meter text in your drawing.

-You can use STACK function in mtext dialog box to input a superscript.

-Just type the carat “^” symbol after the number 2.

-Then highlight 2^ and click a/b stack button.

-If you want to subscript any number of characters, type H^2O.

-Highlight ^2, then select a/b button, the result H2O subscript 2.

-If you want to write a fraction, for example, you can type 3/4.

-Then highlight all text, click the a/b button and you have a fraction.

-Repeat the procedure but this time replace the / symbol by #.

-Engineers and architectures use lots of superscript and subscript to enrich text within drawing.

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