Dynamic Door Sample

Dynamic Door Sample

-Previously we have created a dynamic Wall and Column that can be stretched perfectly.

-Now what we want to achieve is a dynamic door with different sizes to choose.

-We can design a door like this according to wall thickness.

-Immediately we draw a rectangle as shown.

-Then execute “Wipeout” command and select “Pick polyline” option.

-Select the rectangle to convert it into wipeout object.

-Right click the wipeout and “Send to back”.

-Let’s quickly create a block definition from this door design.

-Make sure the insertion point is the door hinge.

-Give the block name “Single Door”.

-After finish defining the block, open block editor and edit it.

-We have to add a “Linear” parameter between the door hinges with one grip only.

-Select the “Distance1” parameter, then open properties palette.

-Change the parameter name to “Door Width”.

-We need to apply “Stretch” action to the parameter as shown.

-Then use the “Scale” action as shown.

-And quickly select “Alignment” parameter and place it as shown.

-Select the “Door Width” parameter.

-Change Dist type to “List”.

-And we different values to the door width as we need.

-Now we need to apply “Loockup” parameter.

-And select “Loockup” action as shown.

-Press the “Add Properties” button.

-Select the “Parameter name” and press “Ok” button.

-Fill up all the blank spaces according to “List” values.

-Finally, “Close Block Editor” and “Save” the changes.

-Again execute “Wipeout” command and set the frame visibility to “Off”.

-Then select this grip and place the door on the wall.

-We can stretch the door or even choose what size to show.

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