CAD has a system variable that can be used to turn on or off the display of solid fills. When there are too many solid fills which affects the performance of the CAD system, we can use FILLMODE system variable to turn off solid fills to get better display and efficiency.

There are two ways to access the setting:

  1. Options dialog box

Enter OP, then press Enter key to pop up the Options dialog box, and go to the Display tab, as shown in the following picture,

To see bigger image, please click

Then check the “Apply solid fill” option, then click to close the dialog box.

2. Enter “FILLMODE”

The FILLMODE system variable is used to specify whether to fill hatches and fills, 2D solids, and wide polylines.

The initial value is 1, which means to fill objects; 0 means to not fill objects.

The CAD system also offer a shorter command “FILL” if FILLMODE is not for you.

Enter FILL and press Enter key, we would be prompted to enter ON/OFF,

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