How to change the font size when pasting EXCEL table

How to change the font size when pasting EXCEL table

Although the CAD system supports Table and we can link Excel table as well as paste Excel table as CAD table

, but most of the time, we would directly paste as OLE object.

By default, copying a table from Excel and pasting it into CAD will make it an OLE object, a good thing about this method is that it’s simple and we can double-click to go back to the Excel table in order to edit it, but the not so good thing is to control the font size, so here comes the question: How to change the font size of OLE object pasted from Excel table.

Many are not aware of the popped-up dialog box when pasting table from Excel, or the dialog box is hidden:

Choose a random table from Excel with CTRL + C, then switch to CAD and press CTRL + V, the following dialog box would pop up,

Why I can’t see this dialog box?

If you can’t see this dialog box, maybe it’s because your CAD version is too old or maybe it’s because it’s been hidden. In this case, we can enter command name “OLESCALE” after selecting the inserted OLE table, as shown in the following,

The dialog box may be hidden because we have enabled the display of it, enter OP, find “User Preferences” tab in the popped-up dialog box, as shown in the following picture,

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