How to make entities move in 3D software Houseplan

How to make entities move in 3D software Houseplan

Houseplan is a lightweight yet powerful 3D modeling and real-time rendering software that helps users create 3D models quickly and easily.

Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to making entities start moving in your 3D scenes.

A step-by-step tutorial

Find Scene tab > Environment panel > Scene Entity, shown as below,

Then double click to download entities from server and add add them to the scene,

Find Scene tab > Animation panel > Skeletal Animation dialog box, then select a skeleton, shown as below,

Enable the Play Animation and the Wavy Path tool from Scene tab > Environment panel, shown as below,

Then Draw the path for the entities and make the car and other entities start moving, shown as below,

Check the following tutorial video for a step-by-step guide to making your entities move in Houseplan,

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