How to create realistic 3D water effects in Houseplan

How to create realistic 3D water effects in Houseplan

Photorealistic water effects will add visualization to your 3D scenes and landscape and make your drawing come to life.

Adding the water feature

Now with Houseplan, you can easily create and modify water effects.

Find Scene tab > Facilities panel > Water, shown as below,

Select a plane and convert it to pool using Draw pool, shown as below,

If we want to modify its parameters, we can select the pool and modify its parameters in the Properties panel, shown as below,

Users can select multiple planes and convert them to pools,

We can adjust the shape of those pools and use Brush tool to add water effect to these planes

Find Scene tab > Environment panel > Particle Entity tool, shown as below,

In the popped up Particle Entity dialog box, users can add fountain entities and then select and modify the parameters to make them bigger,

Select Water flow and then specify a location for it,

You can also add other kinds of water entities from the list.

Step-by-step video tutorial

Check out the following video for a complete beginner’s guide to adding and modifying realistic water effects in Houseplan:

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