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How to hide objects in a drawing with Wipeout command

How to hide objects in a drawing with Wipeout command

The Wipeout command is used to create a wipeout object that uses the current background color, and because of that, a wipeout object masks what’s behind it.

The Wipeout object can be circular or polygonal, and the borders of a wipeout or the wipeout frame can be displayed or hidden by changing the WIPEOUTFRAME system variable.

How to access the Wipeout command ?

Wipeout is a basic drawing command, which can be easily found in the ribbon and the drop-down list.

  • When using 2D Drafting workspace,

find Home tab > Draw panel > Wipeout, shown as below,

  • When using GstarCAD Classic workspace,

find Draw > Wipeout, shown as below,

  • Or just enter WIPEOUT, shown as below,

How to create a Wipeout object ?

There are two ways that you can get a wipeout object, by drawing a wipeout object yourself or by converting an existing circle or a enclosed polyline to a wipeout object.

Draw a wipeout yourself:

After executing the command, you’re prompted to specify points in a sequence that defines the perimeter of the polygonal wipeout.

If you want a circular wipeout, you can select circle option and specify center point for circle.

Converting an existing object:

Execute the Wipeout command, then enter P and click an enclosed polyline or circle that already exists.

Press Enter key to end the command and you can see the enclosed polyline or circle is now a wipeout object.

Since the wipeout is converted from a circle, you get to choose whether to delete the circle or not.

Wherever you put the wipeout over existing objects, the underlying objects are hidden, shown as below,

How to change the Wipeout frame visibility

The Wipeout command creates a Wipeout object with borders, and the borders are also called wipeout frame.

The visibility of wipeout frame is controlled by WIPEOUTFRAME system variable.

We can turn on the wipeout frame by setting the value to 1.

We can also turn off wipeout frame by setting the value to 0.

A wipeout object uses the background color, which makes it hard the be seen if the wipeout frame is turned off, so you can choose to set the value to 0, which displays the wipeout frame on the screen but won’t plot it.

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