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How to create freehand line segments with Sketch command?

How to create freehand line segments with Sketch command?

Sometimes we may need to create irregular objects and it would be troublesome to create them directly with line or polyline commands.

The good thing is we can actually create freehand sketches in CAD with SKETCH or FREEHAND command.

Sketch command and freehand commands are used to create a series of freehand line segments according to the movement of the cursor. Since the freehand sketches are made up of several line segments, so before we start drawing, we need to set the line length as prompted as the “record increment”. The smaller the record increment, the more precise the sketches, but line segments that are too short significantly increases the file size. The default value is 1, we can adjust the value according to needs or directly specify a line segment as the record increment.

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Enter SKETCH or FREEHAND, then press Enter key.
  2. Set the SKETCH Record increment, which is the basic line segment length. User can enter the length value or specify points in the drawing to specify the length.
  3. Click, specify starting point and begin sketching.
  4. Move the cursor, and draw a temporary sketch.
  5. Click to stop sketching.

Users can click again to draw other objects. If we want to undo a wrong error, just enter E and move the cursor to erase the line segments. Enter R (Record) or press Enter key to end the drawing and keep what you just draw.

To better take advantage of this function, we need to have a good mouse controlling skill, obviously my mouse controlling skill is not that good.

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