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How to set properties of objects to ByLayer?

How to set properties of objects to ByLayer?

We’ve heard a lot of complaints about how unstandardized drawing files cause headache. For example, many properties are not set to Bylayer, making it very troublesome to edit and adjust the drawings.

Another thing about Bylayer is that blocks do not change color based on layer that the block is placed on.


* When using 2D Drafting workspace, find Home tab > Modify panel > Change to ByLayer (SETBYLAYER), shown as below,

* When using GstarCAD Classic workspace, find Modify > Change to ByLayer, shown as below,

* Enter SETBYLAYER and press Enter key, shown as below,

After executing the command, you’ll get the following prompt,

We can enter S and then press Enter key to open the SetByLayer Settings dialog box, and change the properties set to ByLayer by checking or unchecking the box, shown as below,

Only the properties that’ve been checked can be set to Bylayer, and unchecked properties will not be changed. So if we want all the properties to be changed, then we don’t need to change the settings. If we want only certain properties to change, then just open the SetByLayer Settings and do the settings.

After we’ve chosen the properties to change to ByLayer, select objects and press Enter key, and the following prompts will show up,

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