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Why the boundary of plotted PDF is clipped?

Why the boundary of plotted PDF is clipped?

When using an ordinary printer, and if the frame size is the same as paper size, then it’s normal to have the frame boundary unplotted, because there always will be margins when plotting.

That is to say, the actual plotted area of the drawing is virtually smaller than the paper size, shown as below,

Different printers have different areas available for plotting, but we can do some settings, shown as below,

Even when we set the boundary to 0, there still will be 5mm margin when plotting. To also plot the boundary of the drawing, users need to use larger paper or just scale down the drawing.

Why the boundary is clipped when plotting PDF files?

The selected paper size has something to do with this. For example, most people tend to select ISO paper such as A4. Actually this kind of paper also has boundaries, shown as below,

If we take a closer look at the paper settings, we can see that the boundries are basically the same as a regular printer settings. If you don’t want any margin at all, just set them all to 0, shown as below,

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