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Enhanced User Experience with Online Help in GstarCAD 2023

Enhanced User Experience with Online Help in GstarCAD 2023

Online Help is available in GstarCAD 2023 and provides regularly updated information.

Enhanced Help: GstarCAD 2022 VS GstarCAD 2023

In previous versions of GstarCAD, only offline help is available, which can be accessed clicking the Help button from the Help tab, shown as below,

Clicking Help and your default browser will open the internet-based Online Help System, shown as below,

To access the Help System more quickly, users can press F1 or enter HELP in the command line,

If you are not connected to the Internet, you’ll get the following prompts,

Small tip for displaying Help for a specific command

See a tooltip appearing after hovering the mouse over a command button? Pressing F1 at the same time will display Help for that command, which also applies when a command is already active.

How to turn off Online Help

If you prefer offline Help and want to turn off the Online Help, just Enter OP/OPTIONS to pop up the Options dialog box, and Uncheck the “Access online Help when available”, shown as below,

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