How to debug lisp programs in GstarCAD 2023

How to debug lisp programs in GstarCAD 2023

GstarCAD 2023 has Lisp Debugger feature that will launch Visual Studio Code from Microsoft TM as the Lisp Debugger, and users can edit and find lisp programs easily and get work done in less time.

How to access Lisp Debugger in GstarCAD 2023?

Enter VLISP or VLIDE command,

or find Manage tab > Applications > Visual LISP Editor, shown as below,

After executing the Visual LISP editor, the CAD system will launch the Visual Studio Code as the Lisp Debugger in GstarCAD 2023, and users are able to edit and debug Lisp programs very conveniently.

If users haven’t installed the Visual Studio Code software, they are prompted to install it first when executing the command,

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