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Enhanced Raster Images in GstarCAD 2022

Enhanced Raster Images in GstarCAD 2022

GstarCAD 2022 improves user experience with enhanced raster images.

More raster images formats are supported in GstarCAD 2022 and also have high-quality display and plotting effect, raster images with transparency can also be plotted.

More formats supported !

GstarCAD 2022 supports more raster image formats, including the most common formats used in major technical imaging application programs: computer graphics, engineering, mapping and GIS.

Better Display

Besides, the raster images are clearer, more accurate and detailed with better brightness, visual contrast and fade effect.

Enhanced Raster Images Plotting

When being plotted, the raster images have increased speed and quality.

Large raster images in various sizes and formats can be previewed and plotted smoothly.

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