How Dimensions are enhanced in GstarCAD 2022 ?

How Dimensions are enhanced in GstarCAD 2022 ?

GstarCAD 2022 has made dimensioning more convenient and easy-to-use by adding useful and efficient commands and system variables that deal with dimensions.

How to reassociate dimensions in GstarCAD 2022?

New command DIMREASSOCIATE is used to associate or reassociate selected dimensions to objects or points on objects.

Dimreassociate video

How to update your dimensions ?

DIMREGEN updates the locations of all associative dimensions in the current drawing.

Dimregen video

How to put newly-created dimensions on one layer ?

The DIMLAYER system variable prompts users to specify a default layer for dimensions and all the newly-created dimensions will be automatically put on that layer.

Dimlayer video

New system variable DIMTOFFSET

The DIMTOFFSET system variable is used to control the gap between the dimension line and the dimension text, if the space above the arrows is not enough for the dimension text when you place the dimension below or right the objects, the text is placed downward. 

When the value is set to 0: the gap between dimension text and dimension line keeps same.
When the value is set to 1: It becomes the same as AutoCAD.

Dimtoffset=1 VS Dimtoffset=0

Dimtoffset video

Explore more about dimensions in GstarCAD 2022.

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