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How to trim Mline in GstarCAD 2022

How to trim Mline in GstarCAD 2022

In GstarCAD 2022, Mline can be trimmed and extended by many regular objects including lines, polylines, circles, arcs, ellipse, splines, etc.

Why Mline is important?

Multilines are often overlooked by some CAD users. The MLINE command gives you the possibility of drawing parallel lines of pre-defined properties at set distances in one single command.

One of the most common uses for it is to draw a side view of an axle with solid lines defining the extents of the axle and a dash-dot line down the middle representing the centre of the axle.

Now trim Mline in GstarCAD 2022 !

Users can not only trim and extend Mline, but also preview which part will be trimmed or extended.


The system variable TRIMMODE controls whether selected edges for chamfers and fillets are trimmed.

The Initial value is 1, which trims selected edges to the endpoints of chamfer lines and fillet arcs.

When set to 0, it leaves selected edges intact.

A closer look at the four options of TRIM command, please refer to

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