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Creating non-rectangular viewport

Creating non-rectangular viewport

With CAD, we can not only create rectangular viewport by specifying the first corner and the opposite corner of the rectangular but circle viewport and viewports in irregular shapes. If the irregular shape of the viewport is simple, we could specify the boundary when creating the viewport; if the boundary is complex, we could drawing the viewport contour first.

1.Switch to layout space, and draw a circle near the default viewport.

2. Type “-vports” and press Enter.

There would be the following prompts in the CAD command line:

What happens if we type “vports”? A dialog box would pop up if we type “vports”, as shown in the following picture.

Why? We have actually switched to command mode by typing “-” before the command name without any dialog box popped up and there we may have different options. You can try type “B” and “-B” or “H” and “-H”.

CAD specifically provides “MVIEW”, which is used to create viewports in layout space. The shortcut for it is MV and the popped up options are the same as “-VPORTS” command.

3. Type O, press Enter, then select object to clip viewport.

4. Select the circle and see that happens, as shown in the following picture,


Why don’t you explore the polygonal viewports yourselves? We could press the Space Bar key to repeat the command and type “p” to draw polygonal viewports.

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