XLINE command

XLINE command

The XLINE command is used to create infinitely long straight lines.

How to access XLINE?

When using 2D Drafting workspace,

Find Home > Draw > XLine, as shown in the following picture,

When using GstarCAD Classic workspace,

Find Draw > Construction Line, as shown in the following picture,

Enter ‘XLINE’, as shown in the following picture,

How to draw horizontal and vertical XLINE.

After executing the XLINE command, we’ll get the following prompts,

Point:Create an xline by two specified points.  If we are given two points on the XLINE, we can either directly enter the coordinates of the two points or specify the two points by clicking the mouse.

Hor: Create a horizontal xline through specified points. This xline is parallel to X axis.

Ver: Create a vertical xline through specified point. This xline is parallel to Y axis.

Ang: Create an xline by specified angle.

Bisect: Create an xline through specified vertex and bisecting two lines’ intersection angle. This xline is determined by three points.


Offset distance:

Specify offset distance from selected object.


Create an xline that through specified point and offsetting selected line.

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