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Why window selection is disabled

Why window selection is disabled

If window selection is disabled, check your settings in the Options dialog box,

The “Implied windowing” initiates the drawing of a selection window when you select a point outside an object.

The CAD system support execution of commands after selection, so when we click beyond the target object range, the system would suppose that we’re going to window-select, and the selection window will display when moving the cursor,

It doesn’t mean that we can’t window select when the “Implied windowing” is unchecked, it’s just that the window selection is not automatic. For example, when we run the MOVE or SELECT command, enter W (Window) or C (Cross Selection) when prompted to select an object, as shown below,

The PICKAUTO system variable is used to control automatic windowing for object selection.

The initial value is 1, if the cursor is not located on objects, start to window or cross selection when clicking.

When the value is set to 0, the CAD system closes automatic windowing selection and crossing selection.

Small tip:

When we have difficulty in selection preview or selection, the first thing is to check the Selection Set in the Options dialog box and check related settings.

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