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What does DWGPROPS command do?

What does DWGPROPS command do?

DWGPROPS command is used to set and display the file properties of the current drawing. The popped up Drawing Properties dialog box helps users design more conveniently and save time.

To start it, just enter DWGPROPS and then press Enter key,

There are four tabs: General, Summary, Statistics, and Custom.

  1. General tab, which shows the drawing name, type, location, size and created/modified/accessed time.
  2. Summary tab, where users can set Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comment, and Hyperlink base.

Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, and Comment are a field, and we can define their values in the properties dialog box

3. Statistics tab, which shows time of creation, number of revision and total editing time.

4. Custom tab where users can add custom properties according to their needs.

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