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Things you may not know about PLINE

Things you may not know about PLINE

The PLINE can have different lineweight and can be used to draw arrowhead?

We all know that PLINE can have lineweight, but few people know that the start point and end point of the linear segment and arc segment of pline can have different lineweight, that’s how can draw a arrowhead or other similar objects.

If the different segments of pline all have the same lingweight, the Global width parameter will display the value, as shown in the following picture,

If not, the Global width value will be null, as shown in the following,

Do you know how to draw circle with PLINE?

Sometime we’ll need circle that has lineweight, but since circle command can’t do that, we can use PLINE to draw a circle, after specifying the start point, enter A, press Enter key to switch to Arc drawing mode, we can use radius or other parameters to draw the arc, and directly enter CL and then press Enter key to get a circle of pline.

Do you know that PLINE can be used to emulate 3D model?

Can you believe that the following objects are actually pline? Not only PLINE, but line, arc, circle and other 2D objects have a thickness parameter.

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