A further look at the FILLET Command

A further look at the FILLET Command

Except for the regular usage of Fillet command, some tips can be used to improve working efficiency.

  1. use Fillet command to Trim / Extend when two lines intersect / not join

If we set the radius to 0, we won’t create arc, the objects will be trimed or extended until they intersect. When the two lines intersect or not join, using Fillet command to trim or extend is more convenient than Trim and Extend commands, as shown in the following picture,

2. fillet parallel lines

Not only can we use Fillet command on two lines that intersect or not join, but also parallel lines, Xline and ray.

When using fillet command on two parallel lines, the CAD system will ignore the original fillet settings and adjust the fillet radius to form a semicircle connecting two lines, as shown in the following picture,

Please note: the first object should be line or ray, and it can’t be Xline since Xline has no end point, however, it can be the second object to specify.

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