What is Drawing Lock and why should we use it?

Sometimes a designer wants to send drawings to others but doesn’t want them to modify the drawing. Drawing Lock is a useful tool that makes your drawing safer by turning a drawing into a whole block. People can’t explode it or modify the objects of the original drawing, thus we can prevent others from modifying the drawing.

How to access the Drawing Lock tool?

There are two ways:

  1. From Menu: Express > Drawing > Drawing Lock, as shown in the following picture,

2. By entering Command: LOCKUP, as shown in the following picture,

How to use it?

After executing Drawing Lock, the following dialog box will pop up,

Then we are prompted to Select object, as shown in the following picture,

Just select all the objects in the current drawing to be locked, then press Enter key.

Please note: Save your drawing before using this function, because the drawing can’t be modified once it’s locked.

A step-to-step tutorial to lock your drawing:

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