The Align command is also a 3D command that can be performed in 3D modeling. The basics are the same to that in the 2D drawing, just need to adjust the view to a proper angle in order to see the source point and the destination point, as shown in the following picture,


In the menu, we can also see there is a 3DALIGN command, which is mainly used to align 3D modeling.

We can access this command through the ribbon: 3D > 3D Operations > 3D Align, as shown in the following picture,

Its usage is similar to the Align command only that is aligns objects through a plane: select three points to specify a plane, then specify the corresponding plane from the target object.

How to align horizontally and vertically

Sometimes we need to horizontally or vertically align multiline text, GstarCAD provides a useful tool called “ALIGNTOOL”

We can access it through Home > Modify > AlignTool, as shown in the following picture,

After executing the AlignTool, we are prompted to select the object to align, after selecting an object, the “Align Tool” dialog box will pop up, as shown in the following picture,

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