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How to easily deal with groups in GstarCAD 2022

How to easily deal with groups in GstarCAD 2022

GstarCAD 2022 has added Groups Panel and new command GROUPEDIT to help better deal with groups.

Groups Panel supported in GstarCAD 2022

Find the Home tab > Groups Panel is between Properties Panel and Utilities Panel, as shown in the following picture,

The Groups Panel includes: Group, Ungroup, Groupedit, Group Selection On/Off (PICKSTYLE), Group Manager (CLASSICGROUP), Group Bound Box On/Off (GROUPDISPLAYMODE).

A closer look at the New command GROUPEDIT

Groupedit command is used to add and remove objects from the selected group, or rename a selected group.

After executing the command, users are prompted to enter an option from the three given options: Add objects ( select an object and add it to the group), Remove Objects(select an object already in the group and remove it from the group), Rename(rename the group).

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