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How to create rtext (Remote text) objects

How to create rtext (Remote text) objects

Rtext command is used to create remote text (rtext) or reactive text. Users can edit an existing remote text object (Rtext) with RTEDIT command.

How to access RTEXT command?

* When using 2D Drafting workspace, find Annotation tab > Text panel > Make RText (RTEXT), shown as below,

* When using GstarCAD Classic workspace, find Text > Make RText, shown as below,

* Or just enter RTEXT and press Enter key,

After executing the command, you are prompted to enter an option,

Link a .txt file

  1. Use RText to display the content in an external .txt file

After executing the RTEXT command, select File option and select a text file in the popped up dialog box of “Select File”, shown as below,

How to show file path to the current DWG file

We can use RTEXT to automatically record file path and display it in the drawing. We can select Diesel option in the RTEXT command, and input: $(getvar,”dwgprefix”)$(getvar, “dwgname”),

and the following text will show in the drawing, indicating the current drawing file path:

How to display current date and time

We can select the Diesel option in the RTEXT command to display date and time with the following character string: $(edtime,$(getvar,date),DDD”, “D MONYYYY)

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