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How to be more productive with command line

How to be more productive with command line

Users can simply change the command line size by expanding it using the cursor, just like in the following picture,

How to customize the size of command line

How to make command line disappear or reapprear

Have you ever accidentally hide the command line and had no idea how to get it back?

Use the shortcut key combination CTRL + 9 to bring it back.

To hide the command line, also use CTRL+9, the following prompts will display,

How to check the command history

Press F2 to open the following gcad Text Window dialog box, which lists all recently used commands and inputs.

How to change the appearance of the Command Window

Do you know that the color and font used in the command line can be customized?

If you find the default color or font hard to read, please use the following steps to change:

  1. Open the Options dialog box by entering “OP” and pressing Enter key,
  2. In the Options dialog box, click on the Display tab, and click Colors under Window Elements, shown in the above picture
  3. In the popped up Drawing Window Colors dialog box, choose Command Line and then specify color in the Color drop-down list,

4. Click Apply & Close to save the changes.

Similar steps go for the Fonts settings, shown as below,

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