* What is hyperlink?

Most people have used Word Processor software and seen the underlined text in blue. When moving the cursor over this hyperlink, we can see the prompts.

We can open the link by pressing CTRL and clicking the link at the same time, which makes opening web pages much easier. Hyperlink is also available in CAD.

* How to add hyperlink?

Adding hyperlink is very easy and you have to know why adding hyperlink is important to you. Maybe you want to link the drawing name to the original drawing, or maybe you want to link your company logo to your company website, anyway, let’s see how hyperlink can help us achieve our goal.

  1. Choose Insert > Hyperlink, as shown in the following picture,

or enter hyperlink, and then press Enter key, as shown in the following picture,

2. Then users would be prompted to select object, as shown in the following picture,

After selecting the object, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box would pop up, as shown in the following picture,

3. After doing all the settings, we can click OK. Objects with hyperlink may seem the same as other objects, but when moving the cursor over them, there would be the displaying text, we can also see the displaying text in the Properties Panel.

* How to remove hyperlink?

removing hyperlink is even easier than adding hyperlink. Just Select the object with hyperlink and press CTRL + K to open the hyperlink dialog box, and click the “Remove Link”. Users must add valid hyperlinks to ensure that all hyperlinks can be opened. If hyperlinks are not longer useful, we can remove them.

Invalid hyperlink, as shown in the following picture,

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