E-transmit— —professional communicative tool for CAD drawings

E-transmit— —professional communicative tool for CAD drawings

Where there is design, there is communication.

With the increasing of different department, collaborative design in different regions, making sure the communicative function of files has become more and more important. The most common way is to transmit the drawing files between each other. But there are many problems in transmitting the drawings, for example, the fonts used are different and therefore the text can’t display normally; transmitting drawings without attaching graphics or external files will lead to losses of part of the drawing content. However, this problem can be easily solve by E-transmit in CAD system.

 GstarCAD provides E-transmit with similar functions.

Click the left upper icon, and we can find the E-transmit in the drop-down menu, as shown in the following picture.

You’ll need to save your drawings first before using E-transmit, so a dialog box will pop up, as shown in the following picture.

The STANDARD in the right is a setup of E-transmit, we can modify the current or add a new one. At the left lower blank box, we can add simple descriptions which will be add in a text file and packed together with relevant files.

  Click the “Transmittal Setups” button, a Transmittal Setup dialog box will pop up. Click “Modify” and a Modify Transmittal Setup dialog box will pop up.

The following picture shows the file format that you can use.

In the dialogue, we can also set the file path and other related options.

If there are special fonts in the drawings, we can check the “Include fonts”. If needed, we can add passport to the Zip file. If we have many setups, we can add description or instruction.

After completing the setups, go back to the Create Transmittal dialog, we can check the files to be packed through files tress and files table

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