We had briefly introduced the REGION command https://blog.gstarcad.net/how-to-use-region-command/. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the REGION command.

We can’t directly draw a region, we can only get a region by selecting an object and make it an region, which is similar to Hatch. As its name suggest, region is unlike line or circle, it’s the surface. By default, it looks the same as a regular line seen in 2D Wireframe mode, as shown in the following picture, we can’t tell a region from a regular circle,

But when we input “SHADE” and press Enter key to enter SHADEMODE,

We can immediately see the difference, as shown in the following picture,

One of the reasons for using Region command is that it is mostly used in 3D modeling, for example to use a region as a cross section to extrude, sweep or loft when it comes to hollow objects, as shown in the following picture,

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