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A jog line means break in a dimensioned object. The jogged dimension is the actual distance of an object, rather than the distance measured in graph.

The DIMJOGLINE command is used to add or remove a jog line in a linear or aligned dimension.

How to access DIMJOGLINE ?

  1. When using 2D Drafting workspace,

Annotation Tab > Dimension Panel > DIMJOGLINE, as shown in the following picture,

2. When using GstarCAD Classic workspace,

Dimension > Jogged Linear, as shown in the following picture,

3. Command Entry: Entering “DIMJOGLINE”, then press Enter key,

How to use DIMJOGLINE ?

After executing the command, we are prompted to select dimension to add a jog or remove jog,

Let’s say we want to add jog in the following dimension, we just need to select the dimension and press Enter key, then we are prompted to Specify jog location or just press Enter,

To remove the jog line, select Remove option when getting the following prompts,

Then select jog to remove,

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