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How to specify length after specifying angle?

How to specify length after specifying angle?

Sometimes when we are drawing, we only know the angle of a line and don’t know the length, in this case, can we specify the angle first?

The answer is Yes, but please note that if we only use this angle once and the angle is 47, 51 instead of regular numbers such 15, 30, or 60, then using the above methods would be inconvenient. An easy way to do it is using Angle Override.

We know that we can specify the line angle and length by entering polar axis @ length < angle, but actually we can first enter angle, this is Angle Override, then we can enter the length or move the cursor to specify the length.

Angle Override is very simple, just enter “< angle” in the command line when specifying point.

Take drawing line as an example of using Angle Override.

  1. Enter L or line, then press Enter key.
  2. Specify first point of line, then we are prompted to specify next point,

Enter: < 35 then press Enter key, we can see that our cursor is moving along the 35 degree angle, as shown in the following picture,

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