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WBLOCK Command

WBLOCK Command

The WBLOCK command is used to save selected objects or convert a block to a specified drawing file.

How to access WBLOCK

* Find Insert > Block Definition > Write Block, as shown below,

* The shortcut is “W”, so enter “W”, as shown below,

Then the Write Block dialog will be popped up, as shown below,

The Write Block dialog is similar to the Block dialog, the main difference may be that BLOCK is used to directly define block while WBLOCK is used to save selected object into a block file

The Write Block dialog box provides a convenient method for saving part of the current drawing to a different drawing file, or saving a specified block definition as a separate drawing file.

Inputting “-wblock’ in the command line, it will display the “Create Drawing File” dialog box, users could specify new graphic file name and path. If specifying the FILEDIA system variable to be 0, it will not display this dialog box.

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