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Ways to open drawings in GstarCAD

Ways to open drawings in GstarCAD

Several ways to open drawings in GstarCAD.

  1. Use OPEN command or Click OPEN icon

This is the most commonly used method to open a drawing.

* We can enter OPEN, then press Enter key to execute it.

* Or click the OPEN icon in the Quick Access Toolbar,

* Click the big G icon to click the Open icon,

* Or use CTRL + O, all those methods will cause a Select Files dialog box to pop up, as shown in the following picture,

2. Double-click the drawing

Just find the drawing that we want to open and double click it. If GstarCAD is already started, then the drawing will be immediately opened in GstarCAD; if GstarCAD is not started, the system will start it first and then open the drawing in GstarCAD.

How to switch between opened drawings

You can open multiple drawings at one time. There are several methods to do it.

  1. <CTRL + Tab>
  2. We can changes the display styles to Cascade, Title Vertically or Title Horizontally from the Window menu. You can also use Arrange Icons to align icons if there are several minimum drawings.

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