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Ways to add materials in Houseplan

Ways to add materials in Houseplan

Houseplan is a 3D modeling and real-time rendering programme that has useful 3D tools and features, enabling architects, urban planners, amateurs, etc. to present building ideas easily and efficiently.

What are materials and why they are important?

Materials are basically paints with a color and optional texture. They are used to add realism to your Houseplan models.

The Material feature allows users to paint the material on the entity with the default texture parameters.

Adding textures and materials to your model is quite simple, just follow the steps:

Open the Apply Textures dialog box, select a category, right click on it and click the Import option, and select the material folder to import the material, or click the category and go to the right side of the dialog box, and right click to select “Add material” to add a specific texture.

And you are able to create a new category by right click on the blank area of the left side in the dialog box.

Check the following video and see how you can paint materials in different ways in Houseplan:

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