Although most industries plot CAD drawings in a single color, there are many drawings that have colors like red and green. How to set color and what should we pay attention to when we set colors in CAD

1.differentiate various types of objects using color

We can set a certain type of object using a certain color, in this way, we can easily differentiate various types of objects using different colors. For example, we can set layers using different colors, then put objects on different layers or set objects using different colors.

You can see how single-color drawing and multiple-color drawing display in the following picture,

2. How to control the color and line weight for plotting?

We can control the color, line weight and other properties for plotting through “Plot Style Manager”, the most commonly used plot style file is *.CTB, as shown in the following picture,

If the drawings are only black and white, the line weight would be no more than 7 and 1 to 7 would be enough.

CAD is widely used in various industries and many drawings still need color printing, professional designers would make good use of colors in CAD, type “color” and the Select Color dialog box would pop up, as shown in the following picture,

Please note that if you only plot black and white drawings and want to use CTB to control the plot effect, then don’t use true color, because CTB plot style table doesn’t deal with true color objects.

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