the best-hidden features of CAD you need to know

the best-hidden features of CAD you need to know

There are two hidden features in CAD snapping I would like to share with you guys: Mtp (midpoint between two points) and Track.

Mtp is used to snap midpoint, but there is one important difference between it and the Mid option in Object Snap: Mid is often used to snap the midpoint on line or arc segments while Mtp can be used to snap the midpoint between two points even the two points are not connected.

Let’s take a rectangle as an example, using Mid option can snap the midpoint of the four lines of the rectangular, but when it comes to snapping the midpoint of diagonal lines of the rectangle, which don’t even exist on the drawing, we’ll need Mtp, because it snaps the midpoints of two specified points.

  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Execute Circle command, then enter m2p or mtp, or press SHIFT and right click at the same time, and select the Mid Between 2 Points from the list, shown as below,

3. Snap the midpoint of diagonal line when prompted, and the CAD system would automatically pinpoint it as the center of circle, shown as below,


The best example of the usage of Track is probably in drawing supply and drainage pipes, let’s say we want a 50-diameter pipe to be located 200 away to two walls.

  1. Execute Circle command, then enter TRACK or TK
  2. Snap one wall as the first tracking point.
  3. Turn on Ortho mode and move the cursor horizontally, enter 200, press Enter key to specify the next tracking point.
  4. Move the cursor upwards, we can see that there is a line 200 away from the wall, then enter 200, then press Enter key.
  5. Move the cursor, we can that the start point of the line is where we need it to be, press enter key.
  6. When prompted to specify the radius of circle, enter 50 to complete.

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