Single-document mode supported in GstarCAD 2022

Single-document mode supported in GstarCAD 2022

Single-document mode, in which only one drawing is allowed to open at a time, is now supported in GstarCAD 2022.

This mode can be controlled by system variable SDI (Single Document Interface):

The default value for SDI is 0, which means that more than one drawing could be opened at a time, and users could access all the open drawings in the file tabs, as shown in the following picture,

When the value for SDI is set to 1, single-document mode is enabled.

Before you set SDI to 1, make sure there is only one drawing left open, or it will not be enabled and you’ll get the following message in the command line,

Your drawing is safe

You’ll get the following prompt if you haven’t saved your drawing when opening a new one in single-document mode, so your drawing is safe.

File tabs are missing?

If you find the file tabs missing, please check if you have turned off the File tab display, and try the following to get it back,

From the Options dialog box > Display tab > check Display file tabs,

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