Basics about CAD layers

CAD drawings range from the simplest with a few hundred geometric objects to the most complex ones with millions of geometric objects. To better control the display and plot of geometric objects, CAD have introduced the concept of layer. This way, CAD users can put different geometric objects on different layers and control the color, linetype, lineweight and other properties by customizing the layer properties. The properties of some CAD objects are set bylayer by default and putting those objects on the specific layers will save you time and there is no need to customize them respectively.

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Instead of buying GstarCAD on Amazon, buy it on our official Eshop

We have received emails from users in different countries asking why they can’t buy GstarCAD on Amazon. We really appreciate users buying our products online. Actually we have GstarCAD Eshop that provides a wide range of GstarCAD products at reasonable price. We can’t list all of our products on Amazon and our users may not be entitled to discounts if we sell on Amazon.

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What’s new in GstarCAD 2020?

GstarCAD 2020 has just been released and is available for download and purchase at But before downloading and starting your free trial, let’s talk about some of the features in GstarCAD 2020 and what you can expect from it.

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