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How to use custom text styles and import them in GstarCAD?

How to use custom text styles and import them in GstarCAD?

Someone has asked this question: Can I save my custom text styles for later use? Can I directly import the already saved text styles?

Well, let me explain this in detail.

The configuration, layer status, polyline style and other settings of CAD can be exported to files and then imported to other devices or drawings. However, the dialog box doesn’t show the Export button when it comes to Dimension Style, Text Style, Table style or Multileader Style, so we can’t save those styles nor import them to other drawings. Setting the Dimension Style can be complex and it’s troublesome to set it every time we use, so the EXPRESS TOOLS in CAD provides us with tools that can import and export Dimension styles. But the Text Style is relatively simple and these tools are unavailable for Text Style.

The Text Style is saved in drawing files and although we can’t save it as separate files, we can still use many ways to export them from the drawings. The following are a few options, choose one that suits you best.

1.Save custom Text Styles in template files

Create a drawing, customize the Text Style, Dimension Style and layer as you like and then save the drawing as a template file *.dwt.

OK, the template file has been saved, and if you use this template file when creating new drawings, the styles that you’ve customized and saved will come along with the drawing. But this wont’ work if you want to use these styles in drawings that have been opened.

2. Copy and Paste

When copying objects or text between drawings, if the target drawing doesn’t contain what you just copied, such as layer, text style, dimension style, and block, then they will be automatically added to the target drawing.

The text style will be copied together with the text in drawings that use this text style.

But this won’t work if the current drawing contains text style or other formats that have the same name as the one being copied, because repeated text style or format will be skipped and the text being copied will become the one that already exists in the current drawing.

This method is simple, but we still need to open a drawing as a template, besides, if the text is not what we want, we’ll need to delete it.

3. Design Center

Open Design Center(CTRL+2) and you’ll find the drawings whose text style has been modified. Unfold the text style of the drawing, right-click and select Add Textstyle(s), as shown in the following picture.

Or you can select several text styles at the same time, right-click and select Copy, switch to the target drawing and press CTRL+ V to paste them. This method can not only add text styles in an open drawing but also adds the selected text styles to the current drawings from drawings that aren’t open.

Text style with the same name will be skipped too. How to solve this problem depends on whether the text style in the current drawing has met the needs: if the text style hasn’t been used you can delete it; if it has already been used, you can rename it in the current drawing as REN, and then you can copy and paste the text style. But if the text style is being used and you don’t want to add new text styles, you can just enter ST to open the text style dialog box and modify it.

If it only involves one or two text styles, maybe the quickest way is to modify the text styles. The last two methods give our users more options.  

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Fiqry Selamat

Hello, can I export multileader style format to other drawings? I can’t find how to export it to other drawing. Appreciate your help. Im using GstarCad 2018 btw.

    GstarCAD Blog

    Hi, thanks for visiting our blog, your message has been forward to our technical support, and they will reply you every soon. Have a nice day !

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