How to use bulk binds in Xref?

How to use bulk binds in Xref?

Electron transfer is an easy way to bulk bind external reference in drawing.

Open the electron transfer dialog box, click Add File button to add the drawing files that you want to bind Xref to the file tree, as shown in the following picture.

And then click “Transmittal Setups” button, in the popped up dialog, we can click the Modify button to directly change the current settings, we can also create another e-transfer, in the Modify Transmittal Setup dialog box, check the “Bind external references”, depending on our needs, we can also check either Bind or Insert, as shown in the following picture.

After completing the setups, click OK to confirm your modification and pack your drawing files according to your setups, the packed drawing files are drawings that have been bound.

 The e-transfer setups provide many options and users can explore themselves, there are chances that you’ll find what you need.

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