How to deal with drawings encrypted with MINSERT block?

How to deal with drawings encrypted with MINSERT block?

Sometimes we may have MINSERT blocks that are unbreakable, is there a way to solve the problem?

Check those MINSERT blocks in the Properties Panel (CTRL+1) and see if there is * before the name of the MINSERT block, if not, then this block is just a normal MINSERT block, which is very easy to deal with.

Solutions for regular MINSERT blocks

  1. Insert the block again then break it

Check the block name in the Properties Panel and remember the name before deleting it. Then insert the block again, this way the newly-inserted block will be able to break.

2. With Plug-ins

With some Plug-ins, we will be able to select and break the blocks.

3. For anonymous ones

If there is * in front of the block name when checking the Properties Panel, then we can be sure that the blocks are anonymous blocks,anonymous blocks are invisible in the Insert dialog box,

There are ways you can use:

*Export the drawing to vector form and then import it, for example, plot it to PLT, then import the PLT file or export it to WMF (WMFOUT), then import the WMF file (WMFIN), the final step is to break it.

This is a problem with this method, the annotation, text and other graphics may be broken and would cause trouble for later editing.


There is plugins that are designed for such problems, you can try  and hopefully this would help you solve the problem.

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