Double-click editing not working for blocks or text?

Double-click editing not working for blocks or text?

There are many objects in CAD that become editable after double-click, such as text, hatch, blocks. But there are times when you just can’t enable editing with double-click. There are some possible causes.

1.the “Noun/verb selection” is turned off

By default, the CAD system selects objects first and then execute commands. But turning this off will make users unable to double-click and edit objects. So the next time you can’t get no response using double-click, just check whether the “Noun/verb selection” is turned off.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

* Enter PICKFIRST, and press Enter key, if the value is 0, set the value to 1, then press Enter key.

* Alternatively, check the box before “Noun/verb selection”, shown as below,

2. Double-click option is unchecked

It is very convenient to take only a double-click to automatically execute a command, which can be turned on/off. So if you find Double click editing is not available, just open the Options dialog box and see whether the box before “Double click editing” option is checked.

If you know the system variable that controls it, you can directly enter DBLCLKEDIT, short for Double Click Edit. Check if the value is set to 1, if not, just set it to 1.

3. Double click editing can be customized

Some users may want the CAD system to execute BEDIT command when double-clicking blocks, while other users prefer REFEDIT command, which is customizable. So when you have trouble with double-click, you can check by following the steps below,

Enter CUI command, press Enter key, find Double Click Actions and check the settings for different kind of objects, show as below,

If you still have problem with Double-click even after checking all the possible reasons, just try Reset.

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