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Why my hatch object has no area property?

Why my hatch object has no area property?

Some users may wonder why their hatch object has no area property. There are several reasons for this issue.

Hatch with Area property
Hatch without Area property
  1. The hatch boundary self-intersect

If the hatch boundary is self-intersected polyline or spline, then the hatch would have no area whether it’s a hatch created by picking points or by selecting objects.

We can see the above hatch object has apparent self-intersection, but most of the time the self-intersection of hatch boundary is not noticeable and we’ll need to zoom it.

2. Boundary not closed

The following hatch is a very simple yet has no area property, but if we take a closer look at it, we’ll find that it’s not closed, object like this has no area.

3. The boundary has overlapped lines

If we have overlapped lines for the boundary and we hatch by selecting object, the hatch would have no area as well. To fix this, we can remove the redundant lines.

4. Unnecessary line within the hatch

Sometimes there may be lines within the hatch which could lead to the hatch has no boundary. The following is two concentric circles with a line, the hatched region has no area property because of the line,

If you know other reasons for this issue, please leave a comment and share with us.

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