Introduction to GstarCAD Express Tool: QR Code

Introduction to GstarCAD Express Tool: QR Code

What is QR Code?

A QR code (quick response code) is s type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet. The following picture is an example of what a QR Code looks like:

Why QR Code?

QR Code can store more information and is widely applied in many sectors such as product anti-fake, advertising, web links, data download, commodity transaction, etc. We can make the text and block attributes into a QR Code which is available for any mobile device with a camera to scan. All we need is one of many QR Code reader apps on our device.

How to access the QR Code?

There are two ways to access the QR Code:

  1. From Menu: Home > Block > QR Code, as shown in the following picture,

2. By entering command: QRCODE, as shown in the following picture,

Get to know the QR Code dialog box

After we execute the QR Code command, the following “2D Code Creator” dialog box will pop up, as shown in the following picture,

Input Text:In input text area, you can input the text directly or you can pick text data from the drawing, also you can select the preset data which can display automatically in the input text box.

Already entered: Displays the entered text number and the maximum Input text number.

Clear_data: Clear all data displayed in the input text area.

Pick Object: Choose from Text, Block and 2D Code objects from the drawing.

   Text: Picks text from drawing file, the text will display in input text box automatically after you picked up.

   Block: Picks the attribute block from the drawing file, add the tag and value to the input text box. It is always used to pick the information of the tab.

   2D Code: Picks the QR Code from the drawing file to get the information of QR Code.

Preset Data: You can preset data, when the data is needed just check the corresponding option. The information will automatically added to the input text area.

Drawing Name: When check Drawing Name option, the drawing name will display in the input text area.

Date and Time: When check Date and Time option, the current date and time will display in the input text area.

Customized field of Name > Add/Edit, as shown in the following picture,

No: Input the field number.

Name: Input the field name.

Value: Input the field value.

Add: Add new custom field.

Delete: Delete custom field

Customized field of Image, as shown in the following picture,

Image: Company logo or other pictures that can be added to QR Code. We can also browse pictures from our computer. JPG\BMP\PNG\TIF\TGA.etc formats are supported.

Delete: Delete the selected picture.

2D Code Parameters, as shown in the following picture,

Version: Creates QR Code according to the data you input. Sets the QR Code version, the version number will adapt according to the increase of text.

Error Level: Error level for QR Code data generated.

Code: QR Code system. Currently we support Code93.

Scale: Set the QR Code printing scale, behind the scale option is the scale list. You can choose the scale needed, meanwhile, the scale list can remind user the QR Code generating is related to the printing scale. Finally, it will generate as a block, the scale you set can be the block scale to ensure the QR Code can be printed correctly in different printing scales.

Size: Set the width of QR Code. H (30%)\Q(25%)\M (15%)\L (7%): the capability of correcting about 15% data error.

Four parameters at the bottom, as shown in the following picture,

Copy barcode: Copies an existing QR Code from your current drawing.

Save Image: Saves the QR Code as a picture, you can either use the picture to print or insert to other document or to CAD drawing.

Insert: Inserts the generated QR Code to the drawing as a block.

Exit: Exit the dialog box and save the current settings, when you open the dialog box next time, the setting you saved last time will be displayed.

A video tutorial

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