* What is Match Properties and where to find it?

If you use any of the Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you may have used the built-in Format Painter tool. The Format Painter tool is used to copy formatting from one item to another, for example, if you write the first sentence of a paragraph in Word using certain font type, color, and font size, you could copy the formatting of the first sentence of the paragraph using Format Painter tool and apply the formatting to selected text.

Very similar to the Format Painter in Microsoft Office programs, CAD has Match Properties tool that can be used to apply the properties of a selected object to other objects.

There are three ways to access the Match Properties (MATCHPROP):

1.From Ribbon: Home > Find Match Properties under Properties, as shown in the following picture,

2. From Menu: Click Modify and select Match Properties from its drop-down menu, as shown in the following picture,

3. Type MATCHPROP and press Enter to activate the Match Properties command, as shown in the following picture,

* How to use Match Properties

1.Select Source Object. After activating the Match Properties command, you would be prompted to select source object, which has the formatting you want to copy.

2. Select Target Object or Setup(S). After selecting the source object, you could choose either to select target object to apply the properties of the the source object or choose Setup (type S  and the “Property Settings” dialog box would pop up) to control which property or properties to apply, as shown in the following picture, by default, all the properties are selected.

If you don’t know how a specific property works, just hover the mouse over the name of the property to get the mouse over information, as shown in the following picture,

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