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How to create trees along the road with one click

How to create trees along the road with one click

Houseplan has many tools and features that make your design come alive. Adding trees along the road is one of those that make your 3D models and drawings more visualized.

Adding trees is easy and simple as Houseplan helps users make realistic trees along the road with just one click of button.

Select Vegetation Entity tool from the Scene > Environment panel, and then choose the kind of tree you want and click on the Place along objects button, shown as below,

then select the road to quickly place trees along both sides of the road.

Alternatively you can click on the Select arrangement button and follow the command line prompts to select road or input Z to select a residential street to add trees, shown as below,

Check the following video to see how to create trees and streetlights along the road in your 3D drawings:

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