Dynamic Column Sample

Dynamic Column Sample

-Previously we have created a dynamic wall that can be stretched both ends.

-Now what we want to achieve is a dynamic column with different sizes.

-We can draw a column similar like this with concrete as hatch pattern.

-If we execute “Wipeout” command and set its frame visibility “Off”

-We can create a mask object that can be placed under the column design.

-Let’s quickly create a block definition from this column design.

-Make sure the insertion point is the column center.

-Give the block name “Rectangular Column”.

-After you finish defining the block, open block editor and edit it.

-We have to add two “Linear” parameters.

-Select the Distance1 parameter, then open properties palette.

-Change the parameter name to “W”.

-Change the distance type to increment.

-Set the distance increment to 100, minimum to 200 and maximum to 600.

-Under Misc. category, change the base location to Midpoint.

-We do exactly the same steps for the parameter “Distance2”.

-Next we add the stretch action to the both sides as follow.

-After finish, “Close Block Editor” and “Save” the changes.

-You should see some thick mark every 100mm between 200 and 600 as well.

-So when we stretch it, it will be stretched both way. Not so difficult creating dynamic block, isn’t it?

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