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Work with viewports easily with GstarCAD 2024

Work with viewports easily with GstarCAD 2024

GstarCAD 2024 has just been released with significant enhancements and new features. Now users can deal with viewports quicker with VPMIN and VPMIN in GstarCAD 2024.

VPMAX allows users to expand the current viewports in layout viewports and switch to Model Space for editing without messing up viewports’ scales or limits, while VPMIN allows users to restore a layout viewports that has been maximized.

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VPMAX expands the current layout viewports to fill the screen and switches to Model Space for editing.

There are four ways to a maximized viewport:

* Enter VPMAX command in the Layout Space, and then select the viewport to be maximized (when there is only one viewport in the layout, then that viewport will be automatically maximized without users selecting it)

* Enter VPMAX command after selecting a viewport in the Layout Space.

* Double-click the viewport border in the Layout Space

* Click the maximize viewport icon on the status bar in the Layout Space, which is located at the bottom, shown as below,


With VPMIN, users will quit the maximized state and returns to the Layout Space.

There are three ways to quite maximized viewport:

* Enter VPMIN command

* Double-click the blue border, shown as below,

* Click the minimize viewport icon on the status bar in the Layout Space, shown as below,

Check the video below and see how VPMIN and VPMIN can boost your efficiency.

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