How to move an object without using Move command

How to move an object without using Move command

There are many ways to move an object, including Move command, grip editing, etc.

  1. Grip Editing

After selecting the grips of an object, we can move the grip to adjust its position. Selecting special grips allows users to move the object, such as the center of circle or the midpoint of line,

By default we’re using Stretch, we could also use base point or copy.

Compared with Move command, grip editing has one more option: copy,

2. Stretch command

With Stretch command, selected grips can be moved; if the entire object is window selected, then the object will be moved,

3. press the mouse right-click and drag the object

After selecting an object to move, just pause the cursor over the object boundary and press right-click of the mouse to drag, when you unleash the press, the following menu would pop up,

4. CTRL + arrow keys

After selecting an object, press CTRL and press one of the arrow keys so you can move the object up, down, left or right.

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